Sunday, 1 November 2015

Simon's Town "Ghost Walk" Friday's

Friday night saw the birth of our venture into the realms of the unknown......boy was it awesome! Strolling through this sleepy village in the dark. The wind blowing seemingly eerie (and at the right times!) combined with a moon obscured by clouds, created just the right ambience needed for an "uncertain" walk. A great time was had, no doubt. Matt's true stories of various spectres and haunts were amazing and this coupled with everybody adding real scary personal haunted tales during the walk, really got my hair on end! Thanks Matt, Kaylee, Jonah and the ladies for a really exciting  evening!   Friday 13th on it's way.............19:00 Jubilee Square Simon's Town. R50 buys you goosepimples


Emma Eldridge said...

Mia is really looking forward to Friday night, We live opp Jubilee SQ so she is hoping there is a ghost here.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see someone is hosting the ghosts of Simon's Town. Wishing you all the best. Mark Rose-Christie from The Mystery Ghost Bus Tours of South Africa