Monday, 23 November 2015

Peninsula Off The Beaten Track Fynbos and Strandveld.

I went on a Strandveld and Fynbos hike yesterday. Upon invitation by local botanist's Rupert and Mureille. It was awe inspiring. Learning about Fauna, and Flora in such detail that my mind is still reeling. The best thing about this hike, is that I managed to persuade them to take me and a group on more off the beaten track walks in future. So book now. R150 gets you peace and serenity. Sights you will never see sardined in a tour bus. Come on....walk with me on the wild side!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday 21st Ghost Walk. Simon's Town.

We had a great crowd joining us for our first Saturday Evening Ghost Walk in Simon's Town. After meeting our guests on Jubilee Square we drove to the war memorial opposite the Old Burial Grounds, where Matt, resident Ghost Hunter waited for us...... Well, once again he did not dissappoint. Walking through the Burial Ground he pointed out numerous facts about many old graves found here, explaining the history, and hauntings connected to them. Meandering through the village we were informed about lay lines, and the Queen's fascination with this phenomena. The usual tales about Adamastor, and King George's scary encounter with the Flying Dutchman were told as well of mystery stones, hidden tunnels and a murderer or two thrown in for good measure. Adamastor was exceptionally quiet on this walk, gentle in fact....quite the opposite to Friday's walk! We thank Brett, Gigi, Casey, Rurik, Tamyca, Kieran, Jan, Juliet, Alex, Caro, Estella, Helena, Yolanda and Sean for joining us. You all were awesome! A special thank you to Brett for some of the images supplied, when gremlins invaded our camera, ....come! Walk with us.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Ghost Walk Friday 20th Nov. Simon's Town.

This walk was a bit different to the others, as it was plagued by rain. Adamastor revealing the true spirit of the Gods. We started off, in the Old Burial Grounds in Simon's Town with faint misty rain greeting our guests. Matt, resident ghost hunter explained to our guests that Adamastor was really out to show the power of nature to us....boy was he spot on! Meandering down the main road of our village, Matt highlighted all the different haunts around town, intertwining amazing history, with true paranormal activities, past and present. King George and the Flying Dutchman, secret tunnels, infamous murderers, baby killers and more. The rain, softly misting down on us, then ceasing.....until about 200m from our ending, the sixteen steps at the Museum.......then all hell broke loose. All of us caught in a downpour of note. Soaking us to the bone. Relentless! We took shelter under the balcony of the backpacker, and waited for the rain to stop. Well it didn't......We decided to do the ending, and had an impromptu discussion, under the roof of our local service station! A bit of a anticlimax to what I feel was once again a very "interesting" and informative meander......maybe this is a sign.........? We thank the following people for walking with us:
In no specific order........Lauren, Shaheen, Dane, Catherine, Ian, Patricia, Dean, Louise, Ian, Suzanne, Lawrence, Jan, Wilna, klein Jan, Isabella, Babette and Sophia-Marie. You guys were awesome!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Kalk Bay Today

Beautiful little shops, hidden alleys, mere metres away from the rat race. Kalk Bay. Kalming. Splendid!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Friday 13th Ghost Walk.

Well we certainly had an awesome Friday Night Ghost walk this past Friday. Matt, resident Ghost Hunter of Simon's Town was awesome! Stories of haunts, coupled with amazing historical highlights made for an awesome Friday Night out. A huge thank you to Jonathan, Nazley, Martin, Pauline, Anton, Odette, Cade, Lindy, Gale, Shevaun and Emil for attending.
Thanks guys, we really enjoyed the walk.