Saturday, 21 November 2015

Ghost Walk Friday 20th Nov. Simon's Town.

This walk was a bit different to the others, as it was plagued by rain. Adamastor revealing the true spirit of the Gods. We started off, in the Old Burial Grounds in Simon's Town with faint misty rain greeting our guests. Matt, resident ghost hunter explained to our guests that Adamastor was really out to show the power of nature to us....boy was he spot on! Meandering down the main road of our village, Matt highlighted all the different haunts around town, intertwining amazing history, with true paranormal activities, past and present. King George and the Flying Dutchman, secret tunnels, infamous murderers, baby killers and more. The rain, softly misting down on us, then ceasing.....until about 200m from our ending, the sixteen steps at the Museum.......then all hell broke loose. All of us caught in a downpour of note. Soaking us to the bone. Relentless! We took shelter under the balcony of the backpacker, and waited for the rain to stop. Well it didn't......We decided to do the ending, and had an impromptu discussion, under the roof of our local service station! A bit of a anticlimax to what I feel was once again a very "interesting" and informative meander......maybe this is a sign.........? We thank the following people for walking with us:
In no specific order........Lauren, Shaheen, Dane, Catherine, Ian, Patricia, Dean, Louise, Ian, Suzanne, Lawrence, Jan, Wilna, klein Jan, Isabella, Babette and Sophia-Marie. You guys were awesome!

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