Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Stand By Diver, Simonstown.

“This statue stands as a symbol to all past, present and future South African Navy divers. We protect and serve confident in the knowledge that there will always be a fellow diver looking out for us. Ours is a ‘brotherhood’ that transcends race, gender and creed. ‘Semper in excreta’
This plaque is fixed to the plinth on which the statue of The Stand by Diver rests. Situated at the end of the pier (a national heritage site) in Simonstown, this eerily life like ode to SA Navy Divers past, present, and future was unveiled in December 2014. The articles around the divers feet are items of which a navy diver would associate himself with, during the course of his career. Note the Old Brown Sherry nip! The creator of this awesome work of art is ex-navy diver, Jan Otto du Plessis.

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