Thursday, 19 February 2015

Simonstown to Cape Point.

We went on a driving excursion yesterday. Drove out to Muizenberg about 15km away from Simonstown. We enjoyed a quick coffee and drove up to Boyes drive to see if we could get a glimpse of a shark or two. No luck unfortunately. There was something wrong with my camera, but I did manage to capture an image of Muizenberg beach stretching as far as the eye could see. The long breakers rushing towards the beach. Gorgeous! Driving back we passed through Fishoek and Glencairn and I manged a couple of pics of the mountain peaks behind these quaint little towns. Still plenty of walking to do there......! We drove on to the Boulders. Home to our penguins of course! We spent an hour or so watching the escapades of these waddling comics. Circling each other, the males hitting their chests together against each other, pecking at each other for the females attention. Females playing hard to get......! Hmmm... So cumbersome on land but oh so graceful in the icy Atlantic water. Anyway more to see, so onward!

To the ostrich farm. 65 hectare of splendour. Ostrich skin products. Wallets belts shoes handbags all handcrafted on the premises. Ostrich eggs to die for. Intricately painted and turned into " big five" works of art. The most stunning lamps. Awesome! Feeding these 145 kg birds handfulls of pellets again (obtainable from the shop) was really great. Watch out for the female though! Her beak can give you a nice little nip. Did you know an ostrich can run at speeds of up to 70 kmh? My camera played up on the farm again. Not impressed! I did a emergency repair on the way to Cape Point, only 25km away from Simonstown merely a few hundred metres from the ostrich farm.

If pictures could tell a story, then this is a fairytale........ We drove around the reserve overwhelmed by the beauty. Fynbos, indigeneous to the Cape. Saw a Gemsbok. Then some baboons....damn camera. Eventually made our way to the  "Flying Dutchman" funicular. A twin cabled tram system taking you to the summit.
I am always excited when I walk down to the lookout point. Anticipating the (ever changing), jaw dropping splendour awaiting me! The sea, seeming miles below, the jagged point jutting into the deeper water. Almost like the root of a tree seeking sweeter water.This massive block of granite and sandstone rising from below. Arches along it's side at sea level, eaten away over time by the stormy seas. Awe inspiring views.

We have sights like these within a radius of 25km from Simonstown! Come on! What are you waiting for? Lets explore Simonstown, and surrounds, together!

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