Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Biggest Snoek ever, Muizenberg festival.

Sunday marked the last day of the Muizenberg festival. We were there to lead the procession with our record snoek. All 80 kg's of it. Created to instill environmental awareness and paying homage to the people of False Bay. Past present and future.This gigantic snoek is the first in a string of "puppets" that will be forming part of a production called "Stories van die blou dam" (Stories of the blue dam.) Local tales and folklore told via puppets.Soon to be seen in a town near you!
The rest of the procession came along colourfully, singing, dancing to drumbeats and music, whistling closely followed by a puppet of a Blue Crane, bouncing and wobbling it's head. Snaking through Muizenberg then ending in Muizenberg park, the procession disbanded and all enjoyed a lazy afternoon listening to local rock music. The splendid mountain backdrop echoing the music. Muizenberg, centre of False Bay! Awesome!

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